Mild Highschool Angst

by Televised Republican

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Brody Hamilton
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Brody Hamilton I made this album so my opinion is biased. Give it a listen and form your own opinions. If you like shitty east coast punk and pop-punk, you might like this. Favorite track: They All Wanna Sell Me Something (Communism Works On Paper).
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The first album I made that I think is good.

Released on Sehnsucht Records (SR03)

Remastered 1/27/2017


released July 21, 2016

Hebrew Evans co-wrote track 2
Vox recorded in the Pickering's kitchen and my grandfather's garage.
Sam Schubert, Alain Cropper-Mikini, and Jenny DeLosSantos helped with distribution.
Album cover photo cred goes to Christopher Pickering



all rights reserved


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Est. 2014

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Track Name: You Don't Deserve Me
I'm not gonna wait for you
Cause baby, you and I are through
I'm not gonna wait for you
I'm not gonna wait for you

Don't make yourself the victim
When you told me that you're toxic
This fight has to end
I was nothing but a backup plan

I'll cut my teeth and I'll cut my hair
I don't wanna change but you made me hate all that I am
Since I lost you,
There's nothing more to lose

So what's the point?
I'm broken and I'm bruised.
Track Name: The Hillbillies Called, They Want You Back
You can't tell me what to do
I won't take any more shit from you
I can do just what I want
I won't take any more abuse

Environment is getting fucked
Oil prices going up
Invading countries just for money
Welcoming President Trump

There's too much athourity in this nation
The government should keep me safe
And if you take away my rights
I'll punch you in your fucking face

The summer's half over and I've been doing nothing
But making mac and cheese and masturbating

You support gay marriage bans
If you don't like it, don't marry a man
You can't control another
And it's a damn good thing you can't

You're against the democrats
You thump your bible like an ass
Equality won't hurt you
And women aren't lower class

People like you make me sick
You're living in 1776
The country's straying from your ways
But you're still acting like a hick

Marijuana will help the economy
The US isn't a racial dichotomy
Social justice is progressing
While your moral standards are digressing

While you're still acting like a hick
People like you make me sick

You're either a feminist, an idiot, or an asshole
Track Name: Blenders Can't Consent
I'm walking through the appliance aisle
And I'm packing like Fed-Ex
And I'm fucking a blender
Like "Look, Mom, I'm Skrillex"

Everyone in Macy's is mortified
Mothers hide their children's eyes
But I'm not gonna leave the mall
Till this Kitchen-Aid is satisfied

*Moans and screams of pain*
Track Name: Chase A. Norton Is A Redneck Hick (This One's For The GOP)
The Patriot Act needs to calm the fuck down
Stalking calls and texts won't find terrorists out
Unless they're dumb enough to Google search
"How to kill the president" first

And abortion isn't murder
And abortion isn't unconstitutional
Fetuses aren't alive, you fuckwit
I've had enough of this conservative bullshit

You're stuck in the past
And you can kiss my ass
Your bones will turn to dust
And our chains will start to rust
Track Name: They All Wanna Sell Me Something (Communism Works On Paper)
I try to read magazines
At the Starbucks on Main St.
But they all wanna sell me something
And it's only 9:35
So the bookstore isn't open
So I sit here in a booth
Reading about EDM production

And I don't care about compression
I only care about distortion and distression
I don't care about compression
I only care about

And there's more ads than articles
And there's more billboards than roads
And at this point I'm wondering how I'll ever get home

Cause my phone is dead and I need to buy a cable
20 fucking dollars

Cause they all wanna sell me something

The American dream is dead

I try to read magazines
In the bookstore on Main St.
But they all wanna sell me something
I try to read magazines
In the bookstore on Main St.
But they all wanna sell me something
Track Name: University Of Delaware EDGE Summer Program (Kilgore Trout Strikes Back)
I know that it's not easy
And I know that it won't be for a while
And it'll hurt
But one day it will be easy

High school came and went but
We're all still in school
Cause we know that if we want a future we'll stay in school
And we know that it's not easy

Frictional unemployment
Was all I learned in macroeconomics
But I've been living it for four years
Track Name: Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
Bush did 9/11
Track Name: I Hate 5 Seconds Of Summer
You're corporate
You're faking
Young teen minds
You're plaguing

You act punk
But you can't
Cause you're just
Another boyband

You're just a product of Simon Cowell's ass
One Direction is better than you
Your look and music contrast
Everyone but teenage girls hates you

And I know it's not right
And I know it's not classy
But neither is what you're doing
To the punk community

Whoring out our DIY ethics
And watering them down
You're selling all the good things about us
In a little prepackaged and easy to swallow pill
Track Name: Vitriol
I keep checking my phone for a text or a call
And I wonder if you're thinking about me at all
And I hope that because I don't love you anymore

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, get out of my life
Fool me three times and that's just fucking pathetic

So I won't let that happen
I'll get on with my shit
Cause now I see
You're a manipulative bitch

Fuck you
You used me like a chess piece
Thought I was your knight in shining armour
But I'm just a pawn swept underneath

The rug
Hoping for someone to come
Who reminds me of nothing of you

But I ain't even stressing
That bitch ain't even cute
You left me twice and then came back
I'm starting to think the problem's you

You can't make up
Your god damned mind
And I don't need that negativity
In my life