Demo '15

by Televised Republican

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Before Sehnsucht was even founded, in a Kent Island, MD bedroom, Brody Hamilton of Televised Republican was recording short songs with a Squier Strat, a homemade P-bass, and garageband drum loops. Packed with everything from dick jokes to commentary about the first 2016 GOP debate, this lo-fi collection of demos is dense and punchy.

Released on Sehnsucht Records (SR01)


released August 3, 2015

All songs written and engineered by Brody Hamilton during July of 2015
Recorded on an iPhone 4s



all rights reserved


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Est. 2014

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Track Name: Blenders Can't Consent
I'm walking down the appliance aisle
And I'm packing like FedEx
And I'm fucking a blender
Like "look mom, I'm Skrillex"
Everyone in Macys is mortified
Mothers hide their childrens eyes
But I'm not gonna leave the mall
Till this KitchenAid is satisfied
Track Name: Chase A. Norton is a Redneck Hick
The Patriot Act needs to chill the fuck out
Stalking calls and texts won't find terrorists out
Unless they're dumb enough to Google search
"How to kill the president" first

And abortion isn't murder
And abortion isn't unconstitutional
The fetuses aren't alive, you fuckwits
I've had enough of this conservative bullshit
Track Name: Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
Bush did 9/11
Track Name: I Hate 5 Seconds of Summer
You're corporate
You're faking
Young teen minds
You're plaguing
You act punk
But you can't
You're just
Another boyband
You're a mockery of Sum 41
You don't compare to All Time Low
I don't care if you've got connections
It doesn't matter who you know
You're just a product of Simon Cowell's ass
One Direction is better than you
Your look and music contrast
Everyone but teenage girls hates you

You fuckin suck